International Callback

International Callback allows your friends and family overseas to call you back in the U.S. using your® account. This feature is currently available from: Canada, Colombia, Mexico and The United Kingdom.

How it works:

  1. Provide your friend/family member your® PIN. (To Request your PIN, complete the Customer service form).
  2. Ask them to dial their International Callback Access Number:
    1. Canada: 1-800-698-5379
    2. Colombia: 01-800-518-0323
    3. Mexico: 01-800-054-0646
    4. United Kingdom: 44-113-322-9902
  3. When prompted, they should enter your® PIN number.
  4. Dial 1+ Area Code + Local U.S. Destination Phone number.


Callback rates will vary based on location. Please Contact Us for the Callback rate to your destination or to receive your PIN. All PIN requests require account validation. Additional charges by the local provider may apply, check with In-country service provider for details.