MyStar123.comis a hassle free RELOADABLE calling service for both Domestic and International Calling. You can call anywhere in the world from your Home, Cellular, or Work Phone - without a PIN! MyStar123.comactually delivers – Great Rates, Clear call quality And Reliable service!

  • There are No Plans to choose from and no contracts!
  • is compatible with all cellular services and land-based lines!
  • Use  yourself, or register your entire family on a single account! (1 - 6 numbers)
  • You don’t lose minutes – there are no connection fees, maintenance fees, or surcharges of any kind!
  •  offers great rates to over 800 destinations worldwide! (Browse Rates)
  • There’s no multiple minute rounding – you only pay for one minute at a time!
  • Minutes never expire!
  • You can login at to add time and manage your account 24/7! Or simply stop by one of our authorized agent locations for friendly face to face service!


How do I purchase it?
Log on to www.mystar123.comand follow the link to “Sign up” or visit any Authorized Qpay location.

What is a Promo Code?
A promo code is a specific code that allows customers, like yourself, to benefit from special promotions or sales. The promo code should be entered during the recharge process.  

Is like a calling card? combines the low rates of traditional calling cards with the convenience and features typically found in account based services – like PIN less dialing. The result is fast and easy calling; with your minutes going further than ever before!

Can more than one person use the account?
YES- Registering 1 to 6 phone numbers means that you can share your account with friends and family; however only one person can use the account at any given time.  

How much time does it take for funds to post to my account?
The reload process is instant and works in real time. The minutes are available as soon as the confirmation number is displayed.

Can I reload a account?
ABSOLUTELY! You can reload at any time, either through or at any Authorized Qpay Retail location. If your local cellular store does not carry our international long distance service please send them to a dealer, so they can learn about selling our product.

How do I manage a account?
Login to, enter your Username/Password under the section marked “Access my Account” and follow the instructions to “manage my account;” Once there, you can add/change/delete phone numbers for PIN-less dialing, update your billing information, and change your username and password.

How do I reach Customer service?
You can email us at

Can I buy AND replenish a account at an agent location?
YES- in certain city/states our International Long distance service can be found at Qpay authorized retail locations. For a list of stores near you, please contact us at

Do I have to prepay to use
Yes. This is a prepaid calling service similar to conventional calling cards or phone services. Our prepaid service is free of contracts; maintenance fees, connections fees, or surcharges and it offers very competitive International and Domestic calling rates.

How do I find local access numbers in other city/states?
Click on the tab for “Rates/Access Numbers” and simply enter the zip code for the city you'd like to call from.

Do my minutes expire?
NO- funds will NEVER expire.

Didn’t find an answer to your question? Send an email to and someone will contact you within 24 hours.