Become a Dealer® is a proprietary product of InComm Agent SolutionsInComm Agent Solutions offers a user friendly web-interface that enables you to accept cash payments that post to your customer’s® account in REAL-TIME!

Why should I sell MyStar123?

  • MyStar123 has remarkably high customer loyalty and customer satisfaction
  • MyStar123 customers recharge their calling cards more than twice a month
  • Compensation is a high percentage of all gross sales
  • Residual commissions for Online Sales - Earn even when customers recharges online!
  • It’s easy to sell: the best rates and plans with no tricks or gimmicks
  • No inventory to manage
  • Customized marketing support to fit your needs
  • Multiple Sales Platforms: integrated payment systems or PIN based solutions

MyStar123 Customers Benefit from:

  • Clean rate structure
  • NO hidden fees: connection, maintenance or surcharges.
  • NO multi-minute rounding or expiration of minutes.
  • Convenient calling: ANI recognition technology that allows for PIN-Less dialing
  • 24/7/365 Customer Care for all account management

InComm Agent Solutions is not only a great choice for International Long distance; it’s also the best choice for your payment processing needs.  InComm Agent Solutions’ unique Web-Based Platform gives you various other payment processing options, including:

  • Cross-Border Top Up for the Top Mobile providers in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and MORE!
  • Pre-paid wireless
  • Post-paid or Account based wireless services.
  • PIN Based products
  • Local and Regional Utilities

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