Auto Recharge

When you use Auto-Recharge you will NEVER run out of minutes again!
It’s fast, completely secure and extremely convenient.

Best of all, you get FREE Minutes as an Auto-Recharge Incentive with EVERY Auto-Recharge that is processed on your account!

Please note: You must complete at least 1 manual online payment prior to setting up Auto Recharge.

All you have to do is complete a simple Auto-Recharge Set up process that will tell us:

  1. What amount you want to keep recharging your account with.
  2. When to recharge – You can choose a minimum balance of $5.
  3. What credit-card to charge.

How it works:

When your balance goes below the minimum amount you defined, we will automatically recharge your account, add your FREE MINUTES, and send you a payment confirmation via e-mail.


You must be a registered user on® in order to benefit from this convenient Recharge option. SIGN UP NOW!

If an auto-recharge transaction is declined three (3) times consecutively, Auto-recharge will automatically be disabled. It will remain disabled until customer reviews the credit card on file and manually re-enables Auto-Recharge. During this period of Auto-recharge deactivation the customer is not eligible to receive any promotional balances.

Auto recharge is based on the balance threshold set by the user. If a manual recharge is completed and increases the account balance, Auto-recharge may be delayed.