How it works® is International Calling made Easy! Stop Losing Minutes and Start SAVING Money on your International Calls.® delivers:

  • 100% of your minutes!
  • Competitive Rates
  • Clear and Reliable Call Quality
  • PIN-less Dialing!
  • Exclusive Opportunities to earn FREE Minutes with our
    • Loyalty Rewards Program
    • Ongoing Promotions and Incentives
  • Real-Time Recharges 24/7/365
    • Quick Online Recharge
    • Auto-Recharge
    • Text Recharge
  • Also available at thousands of retail locations Nationwide.

To start benefitting from these great features today:

  1. Enter your Phone Number on the Sign Up Page
  2. We will check to see if you already have an existing account
    1. If yes, you will be asked to validate your control number (where can I find my control number?)
    2. If no, we will create a new account for you.
  3. Create a username (email address) and password.
  4. Register between 1-6 phone numbers for Pin-Less Dialing
  5. Validate your email address to complete the activation process.
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