Errors & Technical Issues

Why can’t I sign up?
Generally, if you’re having trouble signing up it’s because the email address already exists in our database. Instead, try Logging In, and click the “forgot my password” link.
Why has my account been deactivated?
There are various reasons why an account would be deactivated. Please Contact Us for the specific details of your account deactivation.
Why can’t I recharge my account?
First, verify that your billing information and amount are entered correctly. In addition, for your security, there is a waiting period between recharges that can sometimes cause recharges to fail. Please wait 24 hours, if you continue to experience recharge issues, please Contact Us
Why isn’t my Auto-Recharge working?
First, verify that your Auto-Recharge Settings are set to ACTIVE and that your Credit Card on file is valid. We scan your account hourly to see if it’s below the threshold you defined. In some cases, your balance did not go below the minimum until after the scan occurred, so the Auto-recharge is delayed one hour. In addition, due to security, you are only allowed one recharge per 24 hour period. If you go below your balance twice in a 24 hour period, the second Auto-Recharge attempt will not complete until the 24 hour wait time has passed.
Why didn’t my Text Recharge go through?
If you did not receive the “welcome” message after completing your Text Recharge Set up; then it is likely that your service provider is not supported for this feature. You should try using Auto-Recharge instead.
I recharged my account, but do not hear the correct balance when I attempt to make a call?
Please confirm that the phone you are using is registered on the account you recharged. In rare instances, a call can exceed the balance on the account leading to billing issues with later reloads. If you believe this is the case, Contact Us. We will investigate and credit your account as appropriate.
Why can’t I register my phone for PIN-less Dialing?
Usually, this happens because the phone number is already registered to another MyStar123 account. You can confirm this by entering the phone number on the home page; if an account is found, and you have never opened a MyStar123 account, please contact us so we can release the number.
I’m being asked to enter a PIN, even though I’m registered for PIN-less dialing, what do I do?
When the Caller ID on your phone is blocked, your phone number does not pass through to our system, so we are unable to verify your account. In order to resolve this, you will need to unblock the Caller ID – for assistance with this you should contact your phone service provider.
I’m trying to place a call but hear “account in use” what does this mean?
Important: this message does not mean that someone else is using your account. It simply means that your most recent call did not terminate correctly; therefore the account will stay “in use” until the system recognizes that your previous call has ended. You should call 1-877-291-9783 or Contact Us via email so your call session can be terminated manually. Don’t worry you will not lose any minutes.
My call is not connecting, what should I do?
Check that the destination number you dialed was entered correctly. You can also try using an alternate Access number. If you continue to experience issues, Contact Us so that we can investigate the problem.
My Access Number is busy, what should I do?
You should try using an alternate Access number. If you continue to experience issues, Contact Us so that we can investigate the problem.
I reached my minimum on Star Rewards, but did not receive my Free Minutes, what should I do?
Contact Us so that we can investigate the problem and credit your account as appropriate.
I referred a friend to MyStar123 but did not receive my Star Rewards, what should I do?
First, confirm that your friend entered your email correctly on the “referred by” section of the sign up page. Remember, that you are not actually eligible for the Star Rewards until your friend completes his/her first online recharge. If your friend did complete his/her Recharge, please Contact Us so that we can investigate the problem and credit your Star Rewards as appropriate.