Billing Inquiries

Can I update my Billing Information?
Yes you can update your billing information at anytime by logging in, Going to the My Account tab and clicking on My Billing Information. Be sure to keep your billing information as up to date as possible to avoid issues with recharging your MyStar123 account.
My Credit Card is being declined, why?
In many cases, credit cards are declined because of a mismatch in billing address or by your card issuer. If you’ve recently moved, make sure that both your bank and Credit Card Company have your updated information. In other instances, credit cards may be declined because of our 24 hour waiting period. If you believe that neither of these applies to you, then Contact Us, so we may research and resolve the issue.
My credit card was declined, why do I still see the charge on my bank/credit card account?
Whenever you attempt to recharge, your bank automatically places a hold for the funds. In some cases, the card gets declined, but the funds remain on hold. Generally, banks take up to 5 business days to release the funds back into your account. Unfortunately, MyStar123 has no control over this. You should contact your bank with further inquiries.
How can I get my call records?
Currently, the only way to receive call records is by requesting them in writing via Email. We value your security, so before we provide call records, we must verify your account. In order to expedite your request, please include your Control Number, Registered Pin-Less Numbers and at least one of your destination numbers. Click HERE to request call records now.
Can I cancel a payment?
Yes. However, the full transaction amount must be available on your MyStar123 account. To submit a cancellation request, Email us the Transaction ID, Control Number and reason for request. Click HERE to request a cancellation now.
I recharged my account and the full amount didn’t post, what do I do?
In rare instances, a call can exceed the balance on the account leading to billing issues with later reloads. If you believe this is the case, Contact Us. We will investigate and credit your account as appropriate.
I was charged for minutes that I didn’t use or was charged an incorrect rate. What should I do?
In order for us to validate your inquiry, we will need to complete an investigation. Please Contact Us. In your email, include details of the charges, the phone number you dialed from (Pin-Less Number) and the destination number called. If we confirm that you were billed incorrectly, your account will be credited as appropriate.
Can I transfer funds between accounts?
Yes. Simply Contact us. In your Email provide us with the reason for your request, along with your account control number and the control number of the account you would like to transfer TO. NOTE: We will only transfer funds after the original account has been validated.