Account & General Information

How can I get a MyStar123 account?
Log on to and follow the link to “Sign up” or visit any Authorized Retail location.
Are there any connection/disconnection fees with MyStar123?
NO. This is a prepaid calling service similar to most calling cards except that on MyStar123 there are No maintenance fees, No connections fees, and NO surcharges.
Can more than one person use the account?
YES - Registering 1 to 6 phone numbers means that you can share your® account with friends and family; however only one person can use the account at any given time.
Can I recharge MyStar123® account?
ABSOLUTELY! You can recharge at any time using: Quick Recharge, Text Recharge, Auto-Recharge or Retail Recharge.
How much time does it take for funds to post to my account?
The recharge process is instant. Your MyStar123 minutes are available as soon as the payment confirmation is displayed.
Do my minutes expire?
NO. Your MyStar123 Minutes will not expire.
Can I use MyStar123 from my cellphone?
YES! You can use MyStar123 from ANY landline or cell phone.
What is a Primary Number?
The Primary Number is the MAIN number on the account. It will be the only phone authorized to submit Text Recharge Requests (Text Recharge Set up required).
What is an Access Number? Can I by-pass it?
An Access number allows you to dial into our network. You can bypass the access number by saving the Access Number to your address book as follows:

Access Number + Pause+ Language Option (i.e. 1 for English, 2 For Spanish, 3 for Portuguese, 4 for Korean) + Pause + International number + # (Pound)
EX: 3058083997 + (Pause) + 1 + (Pause) + 011 XX XXX- XXX-XXXX + #
NOTE: if a single Pause is not long enough, you may add more pauses in a row.

What is a Promo Code?
A promo code allows you to benefit from special promotions or sales and should be entered during the checkout process.
How do I change my password?
First, log in to your account. Then, go to My Account, and click the link for Account Details. You will see your password with an option to edit.
Will I get confirmation when I make changes to my account?
Yes. You will receive an email confirmation whenever you complete a recharge or change on your account.
Can I make calls from countries other than the U.S.?
Yes.® currently offers International Callback service from Canada, Colombia, Mexico, and The United Kingdom.
Can I use MyStar123 to make domestic calls within the U.S?
Yes. Simply dial the local access number, choose your language, and dial 1+ the domestic phone number.
What do I get for referring a friend?
You will get 5 Star Reward points for each referred friend that recharges online at NOTE: Your friend must include your email address in the “referred by” field during sign up. Star Rewards will post after his/her first online recharge has been processed.
How do I get my PIN number?
For security reasons we do not provide your PIN number anywhere on the site. In order to get your PIN, you will need to Contact Us and provide various account verification details.
I want to cancel my account, what do I do?
In order to close your® account, you will need to Contact Us. It is important for us to understand your reasons for leaving, in order for us to improve our services in hopes of regaining your business in the future.